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On this site you’ll find information about robots at home and in our lives. We try to provide a full spectrum of available robots and bring you the latest news about personal robots, robot animals, toy robots, housekeeping robots, controllable robots, health care robots and humanoids. 

Latest robot news

Robots and work, what may we expect

Robots en werk, wat mogen we verwachtenRobots-en-werk-wat-mogen-we-verwachten.jpg The World Economic Forum predicts, based on interviews with directors of member firms, that by 2025,... more

Sex robot Robin

Seksrobot robinSeksrobot-robin.jpg She has long brown hair, is 1 meter 63 and she is probably the first Dutch speaking sex robot. Robin... more

Link View, Google Assistant with smart display

Link view, Google Assistant with smart displayLink view, Google Assistant with smart display.jpg JBL’s Google-powered smart display, link view, launches in September 2108. Other manufacturers, su... more

Featured robots

Zoomer Robot Dog
Robot dog

Zoomer is an interactive puppy with multiple sensors which ensure that he can just behave like a real dog. Like a real puppy he will occasionally be naughty sometimes! A loving and loyal friend for children over five years.


Double Telepresence robot in action
Double Telepresence robot

The Double Telepresence robot gives everyone the chance to be in two places at the same time via their computer on a mobile device. Looking for colleagues from home and attending a meeting? A doctor who does his rounds but just stays behind his desk? Or visiting grandma while you are in a traffic jam? The Double robot makes it possible.


Cozmo toy robot
Cozmo dino

Cozmo is a super smart, playful, and adorable toy robot.with a personality to play games with you. Cozmo comes with power cubes that light up or change color when Cozmo is interacting with you or his environment.


Echo Show Amazon
Digitale assistent with touchscreen

Amazon comes with a successor to the Echo, the Echo Show. A smart speech assistant with a touchscreen. The Amazon Echo show mainly uses voice control

Echo Show

Cruzr Cloud Based Intelligent Humanoid Service Robot

Cruzr is a cloud-based service robot, from UBTECH, that can be used in shops, hotels, airports and other businesses to communicate with customers. Each robot platform can be adapted to the company and its environment.