Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub

Long expected, the Google smart assistant with screen, called the home hub. Besides voice control, you can also use the touchscreen. Logical applications of the new Home Hub are showing recipes, YouTube videos and calendar information. And of course there is a link to music streaming services like Spotify and Google Play Music playback. When not in use, the Home Hub displays on its screen photos from the user's library, as well as information about time and weather. You can buy the Google Home Hub in 4 colors. Namely charcoal, aqua, chalk or sand for a price around $150. Available from October 22nd in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia.

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Home View

The Home View function makes it possible to operate smart home equipment in one overview with the Hub. In the Home View, for example, it is possible to switch off all smart lights in a house or in one room. According to Google, Home View can handle devices from over a thousand electronics brands, including Philips' lamps and the thermostats from its sister company Nest.

No camera available

The Home Hub has no camera. According to Google, this is a conscious choice, so people don't have to worry about privacy. For example, if they use the device in the bedroom. The Home Hub can also be used there as an alarm. The screen automatically turns off at night.

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