Pepper robot

Pepper robot

Pepper robot is the social robot of Softbank. Robot Pepper is designed to communicate with people. This friendly robot with tablet on his chest invites to interact. He can't wash up and cook, but he can make sure you don't forget anything. He can look up things for you on the internet, remind you of your appointments and play with you. He recognizes your emotions and will, for example, play a nice song when you are sip. He can also have small conversations with you. All Peppers are connected via the Cloud, so they will learn from each other and get better and better.

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Pepper robot gets to know you

To know how things are going with you he uses all this technology and then he will communicate with you via voice and via the screen on his belly. The more attention you give him, the better he will get to know you. The Pepper robot reads people's emotions through an analysis of facial expression and voice patterns.

Apps for functionality

It is intended that the Pepper robot will be equipped with various apps. In fact, the robot is a platform with a lot of communication possibilities

Pepper starts in shops

The Pepper robot will be used in Japanese stores from July 2015. To make all interaction with people possible, Pepper has a lot of technology on board.

- He has a 3D camera
- Many sensors, including feel-sensors
- Pepper makes sure his battery stays full, the battery lasts 12 hours.
- The Pepper robot is even multilingual
- Pepper has an information screen
- Robot Pepper currently speaks 4 languages, namely Japanese, English, French and Spanish.

SoftBank has developed an operating system for robot Pepper that is comparable to Google Android software. The software runs on smartphones, is an open platform with custom applications for use of Pepper in the construction, healthcare and entertainment industries. The company expects that half of the sales of the Pepper robot will be in the business sector and the other half to the consumer.

7-1-2016 IBM Watson and Pepper will work together

Pepper, the human robot of the Japanese company Softbank, will collaborate with IBM's supercomputer Watson. This was announced at CES 2016. By adding cognitive capabilities to the robot, the robot can better understand people and communicate, thus increasing Pepper's capabilities.

25-3-2015 AI in robotpeper

SoftBank has set out an ambitious strategy to stumulate the promotion of its pepper robot. The company's goal is to attract aggressively priced software developers to purchase the device and to develop (and sell) artificial intelligence and apps through affordable monthly fees for opening SoftBank's cloud database of the robot. In addition, the company is in discussion with IBM to link Watson to the robot.

Latest news about Pepper robot

Security issues robot Pepper

Pepper robot, humanoid service robotPepper robot, humanoid robot.jpg You can not visit a conference, or the Japanese robot Pepper will pop up. Research by Swedish Örebro University shows that there are all kinds of fundamental security problems with Pepper. Work at the store for producer Softbank Robotics. more

Municipality deploys robot for hospitality

Gemeente zet robot in voor hospitalityGemeente zet robot in voor hospitality.jpg The municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg will be deploying a robot in the next five months to welcome visitors to the Service Centre. more

Healthcare provider in the netherlands extends experiments on social robots

healthcare provider in the netherlands extends experiments on social robotshealthcare-provider-in-the-netherlands-extends-experiments-on-social-robots.jpg Healthcare provider Philadelphia sees robots as a tool and complementary to the existing care process. The Pepper robot, renamed Phi robot at Philadelphia, has already met more than 2,000 clients, relatives and employees. From the time spent in the accommodation periods, it appears that the robot fulfils a function as an emotional outlet. The robot also helps with practical control, such as the daily rhythm. The robot helps to remind people of certain things or gives suggestions for actions. Clients visibly build a bond, gain more self-confidence and learn from and with the robot. more
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