NAO6 Humanoid robot

NAO6 Humanoid robot

NAO6 is the sixth geneartion of the humanoid robot NAO. Create a unique human-robot interaction experience and leverage it to a new level with this attractive programmable platform with a lot of improvements.

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Hardware improvements NAO6

With its new cameras, NAO6 better detects people. Dual stream of the top and bottom cameras is now supported. (Omnivision 5640 5Mpix)

NAO6 hears and understands a lot better making dialog a full part of the interactions. (Omnidirectional mic + Audio codec)

Thanks to its new motors, NAO6 can move longer without overheating

NAO6 benefits from many robustness improvements on motors and fingers providing an extended lifetime.

NAO6 is more connected than ever with Bluetooth and a more efficient and faster Wi-Fi.

NAO6 benefits from the progress made on Pepper which makes it more powerful.

Functional applications

NAO6 can be used in various sectors. Softbank itself focus on Customer facing environments, healthcare and education. For education the robot can be use as a optimized teaching-aid tool or advanced development platform.

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