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Looking for a mechanical and smart helper in your household? Various household robots can help you work around the home and the workplace and make life easier.

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dyson 360 eye vacuum robot
Dyson 360 eye

Dyson introduced the 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner at the IFA in Berlin. The biggest improvement compared to existing robotic vacuum cleaners is the circular camera that allows the house and obstacles to be better registered and the robot to do its work more efficiently and accurately. The expectation is that the vacuum cleaner robot will cost around 1250,- euro.

Dyson 360 eye

Neato botvac connected robotic vacuum cleaner
Neato Botvac Connected

Neato makes vacuuming even easier. The company introduces two new powerful and intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners: the Neato Botvac D3™ Connected and the Neato Botvac D5™ Connected, both equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Neato Botvac Connected

LG Cleaning Robot
LG cleaning robot

The LG cleaning robot was initially designed to clean airports. The robot has an enlarged reservoir and several brushes and motors to remove dirt. A series of sensors is designed to ensure that the robot can navigate between people without causing accidents.

LG schoonmaakrobot

Aeolus robot
Aeolus robot is here to make your life easier

Wake up in the morning with your coffee ready. Get dinner started on the way home. Go to bed knowing the house will be clean when you wake up again. It seems that the Aeolus robot can do all smart things at home. That is quite a challenge. De robot looks functional adapted to our home. But if it can properly do all the task? We have to wait and see. Introduction is expected at the end of 2018.

Aeolus robot

Household Robots for convenience

Household robots are mainly developed to take over common chores in and around the house. A household robot that scatters the floor for you, helps with vacuum cleaning or with lawn mowing. Do you have a swimming pool that cleans the household robot's walls and water. Handy, right.

Household robots speak to the imagination. Handy devices that do annoying chores for us. What would it be nice if a household robot cooks for us or drinks a beer.

Robots for communication, information and entertainment

There are more and more applications where robotic devices and places start to occupy the house. These desk robots do not move but are able to communicate orally with you, to share information with you and to play music or videos interactively. They are the forerunners of real social robots in our household.

News about household robots

Household robots speak to the imagination. Handy devices that do annoying chores for us. What would it be nice if a household robot cooks for us or drinks a beer.

Latest news about Household robot

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Cleaning solar panels with a robot

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CleanseBot anti bacterie robot

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